Lean Startup Toolkit – meetup in Hamburg

We have already done several projects based on “Lean Startup” methodology and decided to share our own experience on meet-up in Hamburg.

We believe that startups could spend not that much money on their early stages. That’s why we’ve collected and tested a list of free tools that can be used in your startup.


Our CTO, Yevhen Rybak, made his presentation, on how to increase the chances of digital Startup success.

The key points of Yevhen report were:

  • startup “pains”,
  • critical problems and best ways to avoid them,
  • choosing a team of developers and building interactions with them,
  • managing and setting up reports for the development team.

We want to thank all the participants and organizators for warm welcome and productive session.

Yours sincerely,
Web Peppers team

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Ira, HR Manager
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