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Services We Provide Using Angular

Mobile Development Service with Angular

Mobile Development

Development responsive and clean websites with Angular for mobile for your business

Web App Angular Development

Web App Development

Creating web applications for any purposes. Upgrading AngularJS applications to actual Angular version

Support and Maintenance


Support and maintenance existing AngularJS and Angular projects

AngularJS and Angular Development

Web Development

AngularJS and Angular development
TypeScript and RxJS development

Creating Web Templates with Angular JS

Creating web templates

Creating web templates for  specific needs of your business

Angular JS Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

You can focus on your business when we care about finding an outsourcing web development team for your project

Web Component Development

Web Component Development

Angular Framework Plugin Development

Angular Framework Plugin Development

Outstaffing Services

Outstaffing Services

Benefits of Angular Development

Benefits of Angular Development

   Excellent Performance


   Browser Compatibility


   Better  Plug and Play Components


   Faster and Flexible Development Future Scalability of Applications


   Resuable HTML Components


   Improves Design Architecture

Angular JS Outsourcing with Web Peppers

Looking for an offshore Angular JS development company you shouldn’t go far as the leading IT companies are located in Europe, Ukraine. The specialists of this country have two enormous benefits: they offer premium Angular JS services for very reasonable money. One of the most reputable Ukrainian outsource companies is Web Peppers, a trustworthy leader of the local market that has much experience in providing offshore services to hundreds of international companies.

Web Peppers has been working with Angular JS for many years already and this experience helped its developers to appreciate all the advantages it suggests: it is a scalable JavaScript framework from Google for creation of SPA and rich Web Apps that is characterized by dependency injection, 2-way data binding, easy testing procedure and a variety of directives.

What differs Web Peppers from its competitors that also offer Angular JS outsourcing services? It is undoubtedly the unrivalled experience of its developers, use of the latest technology and software, meeting customers’ expectations and durable and efficient Angular JS solutions. We guarantee a result-driven approach to all outsource projects and are committed to delivering all the services timely.

Angular JS solutions from Web peppers are scalable, reliable and highly secure while our full list of outsourcing services will fulfill all the demands that might be issued by any company all around the world.

Benefits of Angular JS Development Outsourcing

Expenses for Management

Lack of expenses for personnel records management

Increased Efficiency

Increased efficiency of core activities

You Pay for Result

Payment for the result

Economy of Money

The economy of money resources

Human Resources

The economy of human resources

Contractual Form of Partnership

Contractual form of relations

High-Quality  Angular JS specialist

The attraction of competent specialists

Control of Programmers

Lack of programmer control

Benefits of Angular JS Development Outsourcing

Compliance with the changing business environment

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About Angular JS

Launched in 2009, the open source JavaScript framework AngularJS has been hugely popular among front-end developers ever since. Its principal function is to simplify and speed up the development of dynamic Single Page Applications (SPAs). To achieve that goal, AngularJS creators gave it numerous cutting-edge features, the most notable of which we have described below.

MVC Pattern

AngularJS uses the MVC pattern that divides an application structure into three separate layers: view, logic, and data. And although AngularJS is not the only framework that implements that pattern, it makes the developer’s work much easier. They simply give AngularJS the MVC chunks, and it manages their work and interaction among them on its own.

Traditional data models contain accessors and mutators, which are sometimes not required. In contrast, AngularJS data models are POJOs, which stands for ‘plain old JavaScript objects’. They serve as short-lived storage containers for adding and retrieving data. However, those objects are tightly bound with a view and controller. So, behind the scenes, AngularJS monitors any changes in an object’s properties and automatically makes the view reflect them.

Thanks to the previous two features, AngularJS developers may write considerably less code. First, they are not responsible for the interaction among the MVC components. Second, the developer creates the view using compact HTML. No need for getters and setters means there are fewer keystrokes for data models, too.
Among many other things, our company Web Peppers specializes in AngularJS web development. Our seasoned AngularJS professionals can make a single page solution for you quickly and at a price that suits your pocket.

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