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We Support and Maintain Websites

based on the following CMS systems. During the maintenance, we audit website, care of site health, update with the latest content and protect from hacking.
Wordpress development | Web Peppers

Wordpress 3.7.* and more

Hourly fee for Support: $22

Drupal development | Web Peppers

Drupal 7.* and Drupal 8.*

Hourly fee for Support: $24

.NET development | Web Peppers

.Net Framework, .Net Core, ASP.NET Core

Hourly fee for Support: $35

Website Support and Maintenance Services

The Services are not limited to the list below. With each client, we negotiate unique combinations of services we do on a month basis. The monthly fee is based on the number of hours we dedicate and can bee decreased/increased according to the needs.
Content Migration | Web Peppers
Content Migration

Once you decide to update your website to the latest version of CMS or move to a completely new system, Content Migration is a really important part process. Content Migration, URL Migration, Keywords Migration, Settings Migration, Custom Functions Migration. These are the main things we care about when help our clients migrate their websites.

Bugs Fixes | Web Peppers
Bugs Fixes

Each website’s owner faces functional bugs that have been written by website developers. The bugs should be carefully tested and fixed as soon as possible to lower the damage to the website authority. We do testing and fixing by client request.

Website update | Web Peppers
Website update

Website update services can vary for different platforms. Some systems like WordPress can be updated in a few hours (if don’t take into account the custom functions migration process). Other systems require much more efforts, backups, and code revise. We are experts in website development and know how to deal with all questions related to the update process.

Custom Development | Web Peppers
Custom Development

Each support and maintenance plan has custom development hours that our clients use for website optimization on a monthly basis. The number of hours depends on the website maintenance plan and website complexity. With each client, we create a unique website support and maintenance plan that meets exactly their needs.

Security Monitoring | Web Peppers
Security Monitoring

Websites all around Internet are under attacks of hackers and spammers. To protect own website against intruders, administrators have to track the website health, do backups, keep CMS updated and secure. We provide full-stack services in this field on a monthly basis.

Website Audit | Web Peppers
Website audit

Are you looking for an expert who can audit your website and provide detailed list of security issues, backdoors, optimization recommendations, etc. Web Peppers ready to help with this.

"Is your website hacked? Do you suffer from spam? Do you just need to update it? We are here to help you! Our WordPress, Drupal, and .NET teams consist of Back-End + Front-End experts and QA specialists (manual and automated testing) that ready to focus on your tasks. Feel free to contact us and tell about your needs. We are ready to help!"
Slava, CEO
Slava R.,
CEO at Web Peppers

Why Work with Us

You can check out our reviews on Clutch and see how we deliver our WordPress Development Services. If you’ll have any questions, please let us know.

5+ Years of Experience

An established company with over 5 years experience in global Web Development services.

Focus on Standards and Quality

Our WordPress, Drupal and .NET Development teams use the most recent technologies, coding standards, code review, and automated tests to deliver the best Development Services.

Talented Website Developers

You can hire the best developers with high level of development skills and attitude.

Flexible Contracts

We provide service with for fixed-price or based on time and materials schema. Feel free to let us know about your plans and we will discuss the better way of cooperation.

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Ira, HR Manager
Ira, HR Manager
Slava, CEO
Slava, CEO