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With the help of self-learning Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) intellectual solutions make data become your super power!
Open up for new opportunities and let innovations transform your current business processes.

Artificial Intelligence is successfully implemented in a wide range of different industries: E-commerce, Gaming, Marketing, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacture, Finance, Education and many others.

Each project consists of individually analysed and developed set of solutions, that solve various tasks: forecasts of users’ behavior, risk assessment, diagnosing, predictions. 

Processing vast data arrays, AI identify trends, learn “on the go” and improve it’s algorithms over time. As a result, your business processes become more precise, automated, secure and personalized.

About Us

Web peppers – is a team of professionals. We successfully implement complex solutions worldwide!

Our Client – Big Manufacturing Plant

Considering challenging operating environment, very serious and expensive consequences caused by accident, it’s extremely important to properly analyse the state of equipment and make precise calculations of it’s replacement – not too early but preventing from possible accidents.

Each valve has experimentally established conditions of service – a certain frequency of replacement. Even in case when the valve has not yet failed, it can be replaced, since the danger and cost of the probable accident would be too high.

Project purpose: development of an autonomous, mobile, self-taught early warning system for timely replacement of valves. The system shouldn’t use human resources.


  • research and development of the complex system of different mobile sound and vibration-sensitive sensors. These sensors analyse acoustic and vibration background of the valve, on this basis making predictions for timely replacement of the exact valve. Important! All sensors are placed from  the outside of the pipes, so as to maintain their integrity.
  • developing special analytic algorithms for precise identification of possible problems using AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Results: our team has developed and successfully tested experimental DemoBox, which is an air system with a few valves and mobile sensors.

The system can be taught to recognize different states: when the specific valve is opened/closed/leaking/broken/shocked.

Further developments: right now we work on expanding this task, implementing it in water environment.

Water environment has principle differences with the air analog, because it’s greatly influenced with turbulence and cavitation.

At this moment we have successfully tested the prototypes and plan to make industrial implementation of the system by the end of 2019.

Our workflow

Step 1
Make request for a free quote. We’ll arrange a personal meeting and discuss your business case and tasks in details.

Step 2
Research & Development
After Step1 we’ll get similar understanding of your business Needs, Tasks, Goals, Budget and set up detailed plan for researches and future developments.

Step 3
Testing and Installing
To prepare the successful launch of the project, we make continuous reviews and tests. And only after all bugs are removed, the project is being launched!

Step 4
Support & Maintenance
We provide a competent tech support during the period of project implementation and further if needed. Our clients find in Web Peppers a long-term and reliable partner, who can solve various and complex tasks in reasonable terms and for best price!

Our Team

Choose Web Peppers as a partner for your Artificial Intelligence projects and get the power of about 60 experienced professionals to solve various and complex tasks.

We are always ready to give a competent advice on: DrupalWordpress, Python, Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.JS, C#, .NET,  Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance.

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