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Created by Ryan Dahl back in 2009, Node JS, simply known as Node, is a V8 interpreter-based runtime environment used to turn JavaScript into a standard programming language. Node web development is enjoying tremendous popularity among programmers nowadays, and for a good reason.

Main Purpose

Node’s main purpose is to create fast, efficient, and scalable web-servers by following the event-driven approach rather than focusing on the traditional multi-threaded paradigm. That makes it an excellent tool for creating real-time web applications with two-way connections. In contrast to the stateless request-response architecture that has been the only possible solution for web developers over the past couple of decades, Node JS allows both the client and the server to start communication sessions, with data traveling in both directions without restriction. Besides, Node JS has HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at its core and uses the standard 80 port.

Node JS Versus LAMP Stack

If we consider an ordinary LAMP stack, it normally comprises a web server with PHP on top. The problem with this architecture is that whenever the sever establishes a new connection, it creates a thread. The number of threads grows, they may overwhelm the server, and it may eventually go down. Scalability is a big issue in this case.

Node JS is different. It uses JavaScript to fire a non-blocking event on the server when something happens on it. It could be a new connection, a form upload, or data retrieval from a database. Thanks to that, a Node JS site can serve thousands of clients simultaneously and will never get stalled.

Asynchronous Functions

With Node JS all operations run in the background mode owing to the use of asynchronous functions. In comparison with traditional script development, whereas the program executes the next function only when the previous one gets to the closing brace, in Node JS you simply define a function that fires when something comes to an end, while the whole application keeps on running. So, programmers who decide to go the Node way, get scalability, performance, and speed.

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Our company Web Peppers specializes in Node web development. Our team of highly trained and seasoned Node JS developers can create an application of any complexity within a short time, and you will get all the benefits of the new and powerful technology described above in your site at the lowest price.

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