Hire Senior Devs
and C-level employees
for IT startups and Enterprises

Build or extend your current team with custom-recruited staff. We find the right employee in 3-5 candidates. No hidden fees.

Find candidates for hard-to-fill positions.
Use the best practices to speed up the recruitment process.

Only Technical recruiters with huge experience in the IT market and some technical skills are worked in Web peppers.

Best Practices

We use only the best IT Recruitment practices. Review vacancy requirements after 3 candidates’ refusal.

Close in 3-5 candidates

Select candidates by many parameters. Close positions in 3-5 candidates. The first candidates are provided within 1 week.

Scalable team

Use CRM to scale up the recruitment process and invite up to 20 recruiters by clients’ requests.

Clear reports

Provide clear reports with the latest results weekly(by client’s request). Collect reasons of refusals and company’s feedbacks

Technical interviews

Technical interviews are performed by client’s requests. Technical experts are worked in Web Peppers and are performed technical interviews of candidate’s skills.

Client-side CRM

Provide client-side CRM (Manatal or Trello) to work efficiency and deliver the best service in the recruiting field.

Services We Provide

Web Peppers provides competent IT recruitment assistance. We have a successful experience in closing all levels of vacancies (Senior Devs and C-level as well).
Hiring C-level IT Executive

Do you need C-level manager? We understand the importance of such a position in a company and we are ready to help you find a person directly suitable for your expectations.

Building a core team for a startup

Are you looking for a perfect match team for your product? We will surely establish a team that will work seamlessly and productively building your product.

Market research and analysis

Within 1 day we will provide you with the current market analysis for your vacancy. We will clarify the cost and availability of developers according to your criteria.

Hiring Senior+ IT Experts

We have a lot of experience in closing positions for highly qualified experts in the IT field. Our candidates pass the initial selection and meet your requirements.

Assistance in an office establishment (Ukraine and Vietnam)

Do you need to open an office for your team? Our experts will help you understand the market, find the right solution, and esteblish your R&D center in Ukraine or Vietnam.

"Are you get tired of long recruitment processes, a variety of irrelevant candidates and never-ended "hot vacancies" posts at your internal recruiting team? We know how it could get in the way with your business. Our recruiters are high-professional specialists, who are ready to find the best IT-talents all over the world to fill your needs. Feel free to contact us at any time you need."
Ira, HR Manager
Ira R.,
Head of HR at Web Peppers

Our Feedbacks

Volodymyr Krasnoshapka
Volodymyr Krasnoshapka
Drupal Team Leader, JYSK

5.0 ★★★★★

Project Summary:

Web Peppers worked with an IT department to recruit Drupal developers, finding two suitable resources for the team.


The resources they worked on recruiting are still working within the team, demonstrating their good fit and suitability for the role. Web Peppers’ team communicated effectively, collaborated well, and were able to produce excellent results.

Default Avatar | Web Peppers
Michael Pupko
Delivery Manager, Smile

5.0 ★★★★★

Project Summary:

Web Peppers provides outsourced web development resources for a CMS development and systems integration firm. The team supports front- and backend work for a variety of projects.


Internal stakeholders are pleased with the quality of work that Web Peppers has delivered over the years. Flexible and supportive, the team ensures that every project is adequately staffed. Their ability to meet fluctuating requirements sets them apart from other providers.

Default Avatar | Web Peppers
Nadine Mansour
Project Manager, EBS Global Services

4.5 ★★★★★

Project Summary:

Web Peppers provided an outsourced developer for a Drupal project.


The developer resource has proven dedicated and exceptionally useful to the project team. Web Peppers provided a collaborative team member whose capabilities received praise from an external stakeholder.

Experience with Vacancies

Web Peppers provides competent IT recruitment assistance. We have a successful experience in closing all levels of vacancies (Senior Devs and C-level as well).
C-level Executive


Back-End Developers

Python, Node.JS, PHP – Symfony / WordPress / Drupal / Laravel / Magento / Yii, .Net & C#, Full-Stack Developers

Front-End Developers

HTML coder, React.JS, Angular.JS

Data Science Experts

Machine learning, BigData, Data Base Developer, Python

Mobile Developers

React Native, iOS, Android, Hybrid Dev (Flutter, Ionic)

Other Vacancies

Project Manager, Web Designer, Art Director, QA Manual / Automation, Sales (Business Development Manager), Support

GDPR Policy for Applicants

Web Peppers works according to the GDPR law and collect personal data according to “Privacy Notice – Applicants

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Ira, HR Manager
Ira, HR Manager
Slava, CEO
Slava, CEO