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The number of frameworks and libraries that have appeared over the past decade is stunning. But there is one JavaScript framework that enjoys the greatest popularity in the web development community – AngularJS. There are more angular developers with every passing year. And here is why.

  1. Testing Capabilities: An angular developer has easy-to-use unit testing tools thanks to the Dependency Injection (DI) system that binds all the framework’s components together. This system manages the controllers and scopes. Since controllers receive information from DI, the unit tests in AngularJS inject mock data into them through DI and then monitor the behavior and results of the execution. That approach is much more efficient than the classic way of unit testing.
  2. Filters: An angular developer also has a sophisticated filtering mechanism at their disposal. Filters are necessary to make sure the right data gets into the view. The good thing about filters is that they are represented as independent functions not linked with the application. That makes them similar to directives with the only difference that their focus is data modifications.
  3. MVC: AngularJS uses the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern. That allows angular developers create Single Page Applications by working with separate application layers: data, view, and logic correspondingly. The framework provides the $http service that talks to remote servers by means of JSONP and XMLHttpRequest requests. Before sending a JS object to the server, that service automatically converts it into a JSON string. And after it gets a response from the server, it performs the opposite operation.

Our company Web Peppers has many seasoned AngularJS developers who can use the framework’s benefits described above to create professional-looking solutions for you at moderate prices.

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