WordPress Code

WordPress is a tremendously popular content management system that is very easy to use thanks to a number of ready-made customizable themes and plugins, and the administrative dashboard with an intuitive interface. Even non-technical people without any knowledge of what WordPress code is can build really great sites.

It is all fine, however, until it comes to features that WordPress doesn’t provide out of the box. Then site owners essentially have two options:

  1. Find a good WordPress developer or a development agency that will have any idea that they have implemented by the highest standards of quality.
  2. Find a good WordPress coding tutorial and learn what is required to create things they have in mind.

That way or another, there are three main technologies that WordPress is based on: CSS, HTML, and PHP. A few words about them.

  1. HTML or Hypertext Markup Language: It is actually not a programming language. Its main function is to give a web page structure by means of special elements called tags.
  2. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets: This is responsible for the visual presentation of a web page (fonts, borders, background, etc.). CSS has a number of rules that can be embedded in HTML tags or listed in a separate document.
  3. PHP or Hypertext Pre-Processor: This programming language is the site’s driver working on the server. First of all, its function is to dynamically extract content from the database and push it to the web pages. PHP is perhaps the easiest programming language to learn for beginners.

Learning something new is certainly interesting, but it takes a lot of time and effort. And if you need WordPress coding help quickly, you should trust real professionals. Our company Web Peppers offers rapid and top-quality WordPress development at prices that you will find very attractive.