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To improve Drupal site performance, follow some simple online tips. Enable caching mode, disable the blocks and services you usually don’t use and check the basic databases. Or contact our digital agency as our experienced professionals move beyond. They:

Performance Optimization

Step 1 

Analyze the site’s performance

Check the codes for inaccuracies

Step 2 

Check the codes for inaccuracies

Install contributed modules

Step 3 

Install contributed modules


Drupal Module Development

Step 4

Intensify hardware


Why Choose Us

Order professional Drupal performance optimization, because:

  1. We use effective, up-to-date testing tools and equipment
  2. Our developers are experienced, innovative, effective and skilled
  3. Based on their vast practice they detect the reasons of hang-ups and the website imperfections
  4. We eliminate bugs immediately, install modules and improve OS performance

Your Drupal site will run optimally, attracting more visitors, inducing them make orders and offering them bright experience. We provide technically advanced services on the tightest schedule and at competitive prices, being innovative, customer-oriented and flexible.

Web Peppers Drupal

About Us

Drupal content management system is appreciated by many IT specialists all over the world. It helps with building user-friendly Drupal websites that appeal to millions of visitors because of being bright, spectacular and functional. But as every computer system or software it requires Drupal performance optimization that can be conducted in various ways.
If your site is slow and you want to optimize its speed, just improve the system or database performance, you can follow several steps. Depending on the way you choose you can opt for Drupal 7 performance optimization made with the help of:

  1. Caching: you can enable block or Drupal cache, time-based or content, row, hash or page one. Each of them will do its specific task in performance improvement. You can also use modules for this purpose as well. There are render cache, display cache, entity cache or entity cache loader modules existing for this purpose.
  2. Installation of contributed modules: Fast 404 module returns pages with error faster; Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module reduces the number of files with this type; modules that create image spirits allows them to be served at the same request etc.
  3. Use of more advanced methods like: caching of pages for only authenticated users, speeding up of DNS requests, use of CDNs etc.
  4. Changes to database: tuning of MySQL, indexing of slow queries, use of MongoDB, optimization of views etc.
  5. An additional webserver;
  6. Installation of PHP Opcode Cache;
  7. Improvement of the operating system performance;
  8. Changes in hardware: replacement of disk drive, increase in RAM or CPU speed;

There are also some miscellaneous activities that may positively influence the Drupal performance. They may include uninstallation or disabling of unnecessary modules, fixing of PHP code, use of performance and Scalability Checklist suggestions, rewriting of some custom modules, reduction of cron running time number etc. All these efforts can result in a better productivity of the website on the Drupal basis.
The only apparent fact is that only a small number of activities mentioned above can be performed by an ordinary computer user. If you look for professional help with Drupal performance optimization, it is better to ask Web Peppers professionals for help. They are aware of hundreds of efficient methods that can make your website function better and faster. Moreover, the optimization will not take much time as they can quickly detect the problem and correct it at the shortest period of time. Our company’s prerogative is to provide users of Drupal websites with the best possible experience and the task of each site owner is do the same. Web Peppers is always at your service to cope with this responsible task.

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