Open Your R&D Center

We help your businesses to innovate and
implement technology transformations

How it works

The assistance of Web Peppers will help any foreign company to open R&D office in Ukraine quickly and without any difficulties to promote the best IT:
Step 1

You contact us and we determine your requirements, development resources and recruitment capabilities

Step 2

We make you proposal, determine what kind of office you want to open and view a detailed calculation in the opening of R&D Center

Step 3

We take care of all administration connections to your team at R&D center

Step 4

You get full control over product development

Advantages Of Opening R&D Office in Ukraine

  1. Large quantity of IT specialists
  2. Very competitive level of high education and a big amount of certified IT professionals
  3. European mentality which makes cultural closeness to USA and Western Europe.
  4. Little time difference with Western Europe
  5. Lower rates compared to the USA and Western Europe
  6. Geographic nearness and ability to travel to Western Europe for meetings

About Us

For the last years Ukraine has become a popular destination for renowned IT companies. All this is due to the skyrocketing development of this sphere and being ranked first in three important indices: the volume of IT services provided, the number of IT specialists as well as graduates. That are the main reasons why so many international companies showed their desire to open R&D center in Ukraine.
Web Peppers is a leading Ukrainian company that can help in this responsible task. It has many  years of cooperation with foreign customers as well as guarantees custom services on the local level. This makes us aware of the fact how perfect working environment should be organized to meet the requirements of professional software developers. We can help to find a suitable open and bright office located in the central part of almost each city in Ukraine and create a perfect design and environment that will be appreciated by IT experts from abroad.