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Vesuvio Pizza opened its doors in Ukraine in 1992. Vesuvio Pizza was the first to make fresh pizzas for Kyivans to savour.  Our pizzas are made in an American style – the main difference between the American style and Italian is that our pizza are deep dish and we offer a large selection of toppings.

Vesuvio Pizza is a favourite of Kyivans and visitors to this city, who appreciate our Italian kitchen, good music and great service.  And even though a great deal that changed over the 20 years since we first started Vesuvio, our quality continues to retain its high level.


The previous client site did not allow visitors to make an online order and in a convenient format to view available menu.

As a result, the company lost potential buyers every day.


Our task was to make a website that will help the client to solve the following problems:

  • To develop a design according to client requirements.
  • To enable site visitors to make online bookings.
  • To develop a pizza designer.
  • To give managerial staff the access to the list of orders (made through the website) in real time.
  • To enable to add / edit / delete items from the site quickly and easily.
  • To front a news column and reviews column.

We have chosen CMS Drupal 7. At its base, we have created a site that fully meets the client’s requirements, who works on multiple domain names.

In the process of work on site, we faced several major challenges:

  • Pizza Constructor
  • Items catalogue with the ability to add to the cart pizzas of different diameters.

Constructor was created completely from scratch and allows the visitor to create exactly that pizza recipe, which he likes. Also the administrative part has been developed, where the site administrator can control designer components and change their value.

Items catalogue was built using e-commerce CMS Drupal technology. Functionality, that allows to add any number of diameters to each pizza and control their prices has been created.


CMS Drupal, Drupal Commerce, Views API, Ctools API, Form API, Drupal API, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3.

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Ira, HR Manager
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