Abingdon on Thames

Abingdon on Thames

About the client

Abingdon-on-Thames is the historic, modern market town set in rural Oxfordshire. Abingdon-on-Thames proudly claims to be the oldest town in the country, but with a genuine community spirit and lively events driven by local people, it feels energising, alive and kicking!



The client has set us a task to create a site of the city, which will tell the visitors about its history, will give detailed information on the planned and past events, museums, etc.


Development of the site was quite a complex task, with which we coped successfully! We have chosen CMS Drupal for creation, as the most important criteria for the client was the system usability and expandability.

Such interactive sections were developed at the site:

  • Events
  • News
  • Site information sections by categories
  • History of the city

The site also has been optimized for high loads.


CMS Drupal, Drupal Commerce, Views API, Ctools API, Form API, Panels, Drupal API, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3.

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Ira, HR Manager
Ira, HR Manager
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Slava, CEO