Difference between Web developer, Web programmer, and Web designer

Difference between Web developer, Web programmer, and Web designer | Web Peppers

All of these professionals (Web developer, Web programmer, and Web designer) are to be hired to create a website. These words are commonly used interchangeably. Is there any difference? Basic coding or programming skills are essential in any case.

Meanwhile, the design is concerned with graphics. Therefore, a web designer is responsible for the visual appearance of the site. Alternatively, web development and programming concern coding. It’s divided into 2 parts:

  • server-side (back end);
  • client-side (front end).

Every programmer is used to focus on one of these fields of work. For example, front-end developer creates visible parts of an application or a website. Each of them specializes in special tasks fulfillment, has certain experience and unique skills.

However, full-stack professionals exist. You can hire a freelancer of a web designer that manages a one-man company. One talented, highly-skilled professional is able to do a good job, creating a website from scratch. Hiring a micro-company might be more efficient than a lot of highly-specialized technicians.

In a large, web development firm, every person specializes in a narrow area. Work is divided between them. It takes some time and efficient coordination or project management is necessary.

Web designers commonly use markup languages, such as CSS or HTML. They have basic JavaScript skills. Some of them might cope with server-side programming, creating page templates. They might be able to code the logic of every page by themselves or not. Anyway, designers are to deal with page graphics and layout changing successfully.

Web developer uses the same programming tools as a programmer (for example, CSS or HTML). This person might produce a static or dynamic web site. Interactive elements, such as a dropdown menu, can be added to the front-end layer. Additionally, the professional might update and maintain the site for years. Web developer communicates with customers much more often than a programmer does, producing not only a software but a complete web solution.

Web Development Agency vs. Web Design Company

Does a web design firm elaborate only on a visual part of the site? Could a web development agency be responsible only for the site structure and database? Its team is based on web developers that are at its core.

What is the difference? An agency you select is to be experienced in multiple areas. For example:

  • websites creation;
  • web applications development;
  • software adaptation;
  • database elaboration.

Web designers might have experience in programming. However, their expertise in complex websites (CRM-based or database-driven) creation is limited.

So, contact Web Peppers, as we render full-cycle services. We hire professionals that specialize in all web development areas, flawlessly solving all front-end and back-end tasks.

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