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Hire AngularJS developer who is well experienced in JavaScript technologies. Complete your team with outsourced AngularJS experts offered affordable rates starting at $20/hr or a fixed price for your project’s finishing result. Send us a request and get the best offer for you.

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AngularJS is a robust framework that lets developers create desktop-looking Single Page Applications easily and fast. It is capable of doing the same things that LAMP does, but with the same language – JavaScript – for the front-end and the back-end parts of the code. AngularJS web component development is extremely popular nowadays, because it is very simple thanks to such features as specific data models, directives, and modules. Let us have a closer look at those.

AngularJS Data Models

AngularJS uses data models as plain JavaScript objects (POJO) with no accessors and mutators. Developers define properties right on POJOs and conveniently iterate through arrays and objects, meaning the code is easier to read and modify, if necessary. Every property that the object has is tied to the view automatically. In the background, AngularJS monitors those properties for modifications and makes them reflect in the view without the developer’s participation.


HTML is at the basis of AngularJS. It supplements the tags in this markup language with directives, which are basically instructions to the code on how to behave. Directives enhance the work productivity and efficiency. And more importantly, developers can reuse directives in different parts of their programs.


AngularJS features a whole range of modules. Developers can use them on their own or combine them with each other. The framework’s dependency injection mechanism helps spot when more objects are required, feed them to the app, and connect them with one another.
AngularJS enables building even large and complex web applications. But whatever size you want your application to be, the AngularJS team at our company Web Peppers will deliver it for you on time and at a moderate price.

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