Drupal and Symfony full cycle development

Working from scratch
Design & html coding
working with Agile

Drupal and Symfony Service

Time & Material basis
any amount of work long
term support for your project

Drupal and Symfony outstaffing

Developer works as a part
of your team. Easy expansion.
HQ support of Architector

Our statistics

  • 30 360
    Worked hours during the last year:
  • The schedule of working hours:
  • 46
    The number of hired employees
    for our clients last year

Our Technologies

Web development
with Drupal & Symfony
Html, css, JS coding
(in partnership)

Our expertises

  • working with startups
  • API for mobile apps
  • online publishing systems
  • booking sites
  • communities sites
  • e-commerce
  • systems of management

Our profile with detailed portfolio

Our Customers

Freelancers VS Company

Working with a freelancer

  • Disappear in a while

    Work starts, but after a while, you cannot get any contact

  • Lose control

    Freelancers are not committed and can stop and/or switch to any other project at anytime (they're "free") leaving you with stranded

  • Difficult to motivate

    Your freelancer developer is working alone probably at home and gets distracted easily by such things as the fridge, family etc.

  • Black hole of time

    Be ready to spend time for hiring, handling, supporting and changing freelancers

  • To be tester for your own project

    You will need to improve your testing skills instead actually make business. How much does your hour cost?

Working with a company

  • Company will complete it

    We will finish every project. With resources to cover any unforeseen event with regards to.

  • Scale your team

    You can hire Junior or Middle developer but you get Senior consultance anytime for free

  • Similar prices

    You will be surprised how affordable to work with team

  • Save your time

    We can provide you with PM or QA service to handle communication for difficult project

  • You can stop anytime as well

    You can hire developers via the company part time, anytime

Something really special about us

Our passion is Drupal! In order to become a part of the community we joined a team of organizers such local events like: DrupalCamp Kyiv, Drupal Cafe Kyiv and other meetups held in Ukraine. We were responsible DrupalCamp Kyiv for 2012 - 2015 years, Drupal Cafe Kyiv, DrupalCamp CIS... And this is just for the beginning ;)
Pleased to tell that we are responsible for such events like Symfony Cafe in Kyiv. Each quarter we meet 100 people deeply involved in Symfony community. All these people are our friends. So Symfony it's not only our job but it's our life.
Every day new technologies are entering our daily lives and very soon the world will be changed completely. In order to participate in these technological changes we established the IoT Community of Ukraine, and have organized the IoT Conf UA conferences, providing the forum for over 500 professionals who are deeply involved in the Internet of Things.

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Evgen Rybak
Ksenya Sharovka
Sales manager
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