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Thousands of front-end developers have already appreciated the powerful open source JavaScript framework AngularJS created by Google. It has completely changed the face of the web development world with its unique features. It is so popular nowadays that many big names have switched to it for the customer-facing parts of their applications. Here is a brief review of some companies using AngularJS.


People residing in over two hundred countries can make use of the PayPal Internet payment processing system to conduct financial transactions in more than 25 national currencies. The PayPal’s programmers chose the framework for the site’s Checkout feature.


Cinema fans from various parts of the world can use the Goodfilms social network site for exchanging impressions of the movies they have seen. Additionally, the site has an option of creating a list of movies, and scans the Internet for places where users can enjoy streams of their favorite films without breaking the law. Apart from using AngularJS for their website, Goodfilms picked it up for its mobile version.

This US media channel available via cable and satelite has had its website since the middle of the nineties. According to the statistical data published by the SimilarWeb resource, tops the rating of the world’s most-visited weather forecasting sites. Users will find lots of widgets here with the data for them obtained from AngularJS components stored within a dedicated folder.

The list of companies using AngularJS is certainly much longer than that. If you want your site to be successful, our company Web Peppers can offer you AngularJS solutions of the highest quality and at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

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