AngularJS is one of the most widely-used solutions for developing a high-quality apps

Angular JS

Web Peppers uses Angular JS in web application development

Angular JS Web Application Development With Web Peppers

Angular Web Application Development

Our company Web Peppers has built a good number of web applications for our customers, and one of the front-end tools we use is AngularJS – a JavaScript framework that can considerably simplify the process of creating a site. By choosing to follow the AngularJS web application development paradigm, programmers can get a modular Single Page Application (SPA) that is easy to test, scale, and maintain.

Some of the Most Attractive Features of AngularJS

Modular Structure

Modular Structure

As mentioned above, AngularJS nature is modular. Developers can make modules depend on one another or let them be completely self-contained. The framework has numerous building blocks that address a whole range of programming tasks. For instance, to work with tables the ng-table module is available, while ui-router facilitates the routing process.

Benefits of Two-Way Binding

Benefits of Two-Way Binding

Another thing that makes AngularJS an exceptionally convenient tool is its two-binding feature. Whenever something changes in the interface, the framework modifies corresponding objects in the program. Reversely, when an object undergoes some transformations, users see this reflected in the interface.

Simple Unit Testing

Simple Unit Testing

All the modules within AngularJS are bound together by the mechanism of Dependency Injection (DI). It is this mechanism that the framework uses to manipulate scopes and controllers. Since controllers must feed information to DI, unit tests in Angular inject mock data to a controller, and then assess the results of its execution and its behavior.

Web application development with AngularJS has many more benefits. If you need to have your web app made quickly and by the highest standards of quality, you will hardly find a better company than Web Peppers that uses state-of-the-art development tools, including AngularJS.

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Why Choose Angular for Web App Development

AngularJS is one of the most widely-used solutions for developing high-quality applications. Many companies prefer this framework for its numerous benefits. And it is not only a good fit for standard web applications. AngularJS mobile development is also hugely popular in combination with various mobile frameworks like Ionic. Here is a look at some advantages that AngularJS gives developers of applications in general and mobile applications in particular.

Great Community

AngularJS has an immense number of supporters among programmers, both those directly responsible for its development and those who just want to make it better. There are lots of materials dedicated to its work in the Internet, and conferences on Angular are held in various parts of the planet.

Declarative Coding Style and Directives

AngularJS simply supplements HTML tags with directives, using declarative code style. The directives define the required behavior for the code, such as instructions to load a module after a page load. The bottom line is that the code becomes more straightforward and clear, and developers have the chance to pay a closer attention to their logic.


In many frameworks similar to AngularJS, developers not only have to define the MVC blocks, but also write logic that binds those blocks together. Although with AngularJS they have to divide an app into MVC components too, developers may let the framework do the managing and connecting those components, which saves a lot of time and effort.

As we have said, many mobile frameworks like Ionic have been built on top of AngularJS. This helps create hybrid mobile applications that look like native ones across many platforms at once. If you want your solution to have the benefits of AngularJS mobile development, place an order with the experienced Angular developers at our company Web Peppers.

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