Hire Mobile App Developer

The seasoned and talented developers at our company Web Peppers have created a wide range of mobile solutions for our clients. All of our applications meet the strictest quality and performance requirements thanks to the well-thought design and development process. But what skills are companies looking for when they need to hire mobile app developer?
First of all, it is the experience in developing for several platforms. Employers are more likely to hire an app developer who can code for various devices and major mobile operating systems. In addition, the ability to develop responsive apps will definitely add a point to a candidate’s scoresheet.
Simply creating a working mobile solution is not always enough. In order to sell well, an application should have an attractive look and feel and an intuitive and convenient user interface. That is why many companies that want to hire app developer, require the UX/UI skills as well.
Needless to say, a mobile app developer cannot expect to get a good job without the knowledge of and experience with the major web development technologies, both front-end like CSS or HTML, and back-end like PHP or Java.
Another valuable asset for mobile app developers is the knowledge of Agile methodologies and experience of applying them in practice.
Finally, although this is not strictly required, many companies seeking mobile app developers for hire may ask applicants to tell them about their computer science qualifications, whether it is some formal education or online training courses.
All of the mobile app developers at Web Peppers are highly-trained and experienced computer professionals with many successfully completed projects in their resumes. We are always ready to implement any ideas you might have for your mobile or web applications.