App Development Cost

Our company Web Peppers is the builder of mobile apps for the principal operating systems. We also make apps using the best open source development frameworks in combination with major web technologies. Those apps look and perform identically on various platforms and devices.
One question that our clients ask is “How much does it cost to develop an app?” It is impossible, however, to give an exact figure immediately due to numerous factors affecting the app development cost. Businesses should consider these important aspects in the first turn.

  1. How complex are the visual objects in the app? More complex objects augment the cost of developing an app.
  2. Will the app use the hardware of the gadget on which it will be installed? For instance, GPS navigation.
  3. Does the development company provide maintenance services for the app?
  4. What OS and what devices will the app be run on? Is it exclusively Android-based? Is it for iPhone 6S only?
  5. Will there be integration with apps produced by other dev companies?
  6. What functions will the app have? Where will it be used?

Taking all those factors into account and based on some statistical data, here are rough estimates of mobile app development cost.

  • Windows Phone – $18 thousand
  • Android – $23 thousand
  • iOS – $28 thousand

Other criteria, such as the development team’s region, also impact the cost of app development. Well-known is that app developers cost less in Eastern Europe or India than in America or Western Europe, for instance. Web Peppers is a development company located in Ukraine. Our prices are quite affordable and we create our apps by the industry-accepted standards of quality.