National News Agency of Ukraine “Ukrinform”

Khmelnytsky Monument, Kiev

About the client

Ukrinform is a state information and news agency of Ukraine. It was founded in 1918 during the Ukrainian War of Independence (wikipedia).

Ukrinform is one of the most important news producers in Ukraine.

Almost every day the journalists team produces more than 150 materials, articles, news, analytics about what is happening in Ukraine and the world.


As Ukrinform is one of the most popular information resources in Ukraine, first of all the task was to develop a product that would be able to withstand high loads and, at the same time, would retain the functional efficiency of the main site.

In addition, at the site back-end, a certain work with clients should be organized, as one of the agency’s services is to sell access to the exclusive information for its subscribers.

An additional task of the site was the ability to provide visitors with access to the materials archive from 1999. And this is about 20GB of text information. More over, the task was to provide information search with more than 10 different parameters, including the full text.


After our implementation and commissioning of the new site in operation, site traffic within 6 months increased from 30 to 250 thousand visitors per day. Moreover, if before the site could stand the peak load of about 300 simultaneous visitors, now we could bring this indicator up to almost 10 thousand.

In addition, a variety of additional convenient services for users and agency staff have been developed at the site. For example, the site was integrated with the materials management internal system.


CodeIgniter php framework, Sphinx search engine, Nginx (also as a balancer), MySQL, Memcached, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

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