DrupalСamp Kyiv

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About the conference

DrupalCamp Kyiv is the annual conference, which takes place in Kiev, Ukraine and unites Drupal-developers from around the world.

DrupalCamp is conducted in two-day barcamp-а format, every day of which consists of several parallel streams of reports. Reports are being defined in advance. Also a number of places is available for discussions, emerging directly during the event. In addition, code sprint will take place at the event.

DrupalCamp Kyiv is help for more than 7 years consecutively and has already become traditional for the Ukrainian Drupal Community. The story begins in 2008 when a small group of 40 interested people gathered and held an informal meeting with presentations and discussions in the premises of G-Club.


Our team has a task to organize the largest Drupal conference in Ukraine – DrupalCamp Kyiv. The event gathers each year around 300 Drupal-developers from around the world (the bulk is from Ukraine).

Here is a list of the major tasks that we successfully solve over the years:

  • Development of conference site design and functional
  • Search, communication and coordination of speakers..
  • Search and preparation of the premises for the event.
  • Registration of visitors
  • Work with the conference sponsors.
  • Design and print of associated materials.


Successfully conducted conferences of the years 2012-2015 show the result of the executed work.

It should be mentioned that DrupalCamp Kyiv is impossible to carry out without any effort on the part of our great Ukrainian community. Each year activists are helping to keep order, prepare reports, and help to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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Ira, HR Manager
Ira, HR Manager
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Slava, CEO