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Hire WordPress developer to realize all your web development requirements. We offer flexible hiring models that include full/part time or hourly shifts with rates starting at $20/hr or fixed price.

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The team of experienced WordPress  developers at our company Web Peppers have successfully completed many orders for our valued customers, creating web sites and web applications that look great and work perfectly thanks to unique WordPress themes we have built ourselves. What are WordPress themes and what do they comprise? Here is some essential information about WordPress theme development.

What Is a Theme?

A WordPress theme represents a group of files that by interacting with each other give a WordPress site its design and functions. One theme may differ from another, which enables the owner to modify the site’s design easily and quickly.

Location of WordPress Themes

WordPress theme developer needs to place themes in subdirectories of the WordPress themes directory: wp-content/themes/ . The CSS file, template files, and functions.php file (not required), image files, and JS files are all located in a theme’s subdirectory.

Parts of a WordPress Theme

Apart from images and JS files, a WordPress theme normally includes three principal kinds of files:

  1. functions.php. The use of this file is actually not compulsory. It is kind of a plugin that provides additional features for the site, such as custom headers or thumbnails.
  2. style.css. This is responsible for controlling the presentation layer of the site, things like colors, background, borders, and fonts.
  3. Template files, which are php files like home.php and index.php. They generate any required content, from pages and posts, to archives and categories. In addition, developers can enhance the customization level with template tags.

That’s it about the basics of WordPress theme development. Our company Web Peppers will be happy to develop WordPress theme of any type and complexity for you at a price that you will find attractive.

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