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The global leader among CMS solutions, WordPress  continues to attract thousands of companies that want to build their online presence. WordPress owes its popularity to its administrative dashboard and numerous customizable themes, plugins, and widgets. The dashboard allows uploading or updating the content without any programming knowledge. And by using ready-made themes, widgets, and plugins it is possible to easily modify the look and operation of a site. To make it truly unique, however, you need the services of a WordPress development company. And the good news is that our company Web Peppers develops custom themes and plugins by the highest standards of quality. Here’s what you should know about these basic WordPress elements before placing an order.


A theme is responsible for the way the site looks, how it works, and what it contains. A WordPress theme consists of the following components:

  • Stylesheet. A file called styles.css determines the look of the site (colors, borders, fonts, etc.).
  • Template files. Those are php files that generate the site’s pages as HTML files.
  • The Loop. This feature creates a database query, retrieves data, and sends it to the site as its content.
  • Functions file. This is not required, and works like a plugin that adds more functions to the site.


Apart from themes, our WordPress web design company can customize your site by developing special plugins. Plugins represent bundles of code that add new features atop the basic WordPress functions. They comprise one or multiple php files, plus contain some other resources, such as images, stylesheets, and JS files.

By ordering WordPress themes and plugins at our WordPress website company Web Peppers, you can be confident that your site will look unique and have features that none of your competitors can boast.

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