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Tips on Node JS Development Environment

Almost any IT project is pretty complicated from some point of view. However, it can be simplified by using the right tools. Node JS has such important tools as well. These are the most widely used tools:

  • CMS
  • Debuggers
  • IDE’s
  • Frameworks

Here are some widely used approaches for setting up Node JS development environment. Let’s highlight some main points of this process from the very beginning till the end.

First Step: Hosting

Reliable solution on where to host the entire environment is the first thing needed, when you start the creation of Node JS development environment. There are a number of hosts, which will allow effective and quick development process.

Second Step: Google Container Engine

There is a tool able to provide the most vigorous internal features of Google. This is a Google Container Engine. Such engine can be submitted as distributed system based on containers. Developers are provided with the opportunity to use mechanisms similar to those utilized by engineers from Google. In addition, problems with deployment are solved by computing based on containers as well, so every engineer can focus specifically on the code’s application. Thus, developer can use Google Container Engine for such Node JS projects as:Nodejs Development Environment

  • Development of a cluster, which contains a set of nodes and master API server
  • Building Node JS application
  • Creation of Docker image
  • Enabling external traffic
  • And finally come up with setting up Node JS project to live
Third Step: Node JS Git

Many developers say that one of the most complicated parts in learning a new language or technology is getting started with tools, which are associated with it. Nevertheless, GIT considered to be pretty simple and user-friendly tool that allows working with browser code and server side.

Thus, setting up Node JS development environment seems to be not that complicated task to do, but it is always better to contact top-level professionals and be sure that your business solutions are out of any risks and issues.

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