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There is hardly to find a web developer in the world these days who has not heard of or has not used Node JS – an excellent solution for making fast and scalable web applications. To create Node JS app means to follow the latest trend in the IT-industry that gives small and big companies alike, lots of benefits, some of which we have listed below.

  1. No Need for Web Server: Based on the powerful V8 engine made by Google, Node JS internal library allows applications to play the server’s role, with no need for special HTTP web servers like Apache.
  2. JavaScript:  All the Node JS main modules have been written in JavaScript. That enables developers on “both sides of the fence” to use one and the same programming language, which, in its turn, makes the communication and sharing information between the front-end and back-end faster and more convenient. JavaScript was one of the reasons why a well-known company like Mozilla chose Node JS.
  3. Scalability: Node js application development provides for great scalability. It happens because a web app with node js can handle multiple clients with asynchronous functions. Node JS developers can simply specify a function that will run after another one finishes, with the program continuing to execute. Scalability was the principal Node JS benefit that attracted the IT-giant Yahoo.
  4. Community Support If someone decides to create a node app, they will do the right thing also because of the extensive community support. Node JS has a great number of modules that have been contributed by developers from all over the world. For example, the module keeps uninterrupted connections between the server and the client with the former able to send updates to the latter in real time.

The highly trained and experienced developers at our company Web Peppers can build a webapp with Node JS within a short time and by the highest standards of quality.

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