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A free, light-weight, and fast development platform, Node JS has been gaining a huge popularity among web programmers and enterprises recently. As a proof of its worth, here are some examples of the big IT companies using Node JS.


A few years ago the management of Groupon, one of the major e-commerce companies on the planet, decided to find a new enterprise software platform, and selected Node JS. Here is what motivated them to do that:

  • Node JS applications scale well.
  • Node JS apps use JavaScript for the front-end and back-end. This language is easy to master and simplifies the interaction among developers.
  • Node JS allows developers to reuse their codebase, which speeds up the programming process.

Allowing users to exchange currencies in a hundred countries and more, this payment processing system uses Node JS for creating its graphical interface. The key reason for the Paypal management to go the Node JS way was the universal nature of JavaScript that made it possible for the client and server developers to code in the same language and respond to the customers’ requests more promptly.


With over 400 million users residing in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn allows finding professional opportunities and conduct business. The company has switched to Node JS in order to boost the back-end performance of their mobile application. Two primary motivating factors for the LinkedIn’s engineers were excellent Node JS scalability and its agility in communicating with external services.

Among other big companies using Node JS are also Yahoo!, IBM, and Netflix. Our company Web Peppers is not an exception, as we have also chosen this powerful tool for developing web apps of the highest quality.

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