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Our company Web Peppers has created many applications using a whole arsenal of development tools. But one tool that we have found really outstanding is a light-weight and at the same time powerful runtime environment Node JS. What features make a Node JS application different from others?

  1. Speed: A Node JS web application is extremely fast. That is achieved thanks to two factors. First, the Google-made V8 engine written in JavaScript. Second, JavaScript itself is a very fast programming language that can boost the program’s speed, provided, of course, that the developer’s code is error-free.
  2. JavaScript for Backend and Frontend: Not only does JavaScript make Node JS applications exponentially faster, it is also the language that Node JS developers use both for the backend and for the frontend portions of their code. As a result, programmers responsible for various parts of the application speak the same tongue, can communicate among themselves easier and faster, and immediately respond to their customers’ requests.
  3. Variety of Software Packages: To build a web app with Node JS is more convenient thanks to a great variety of available packages and libraries that the huge army of Node JS supporters hasve developed. Example: the module helps retain constant server-client connections, with real-time updates sent to the client. And what makes it really attractive is that developers don’t deal with those connections themselves, because picks up the most suitable technology depending on the browser or another client.

So, building a network application with Node JS is fast and easy, and if you decide to give our company Web Peppers the task to build one for you, we can guarantee you speed and quality.

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