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Angular JS Features

Angular JS Features

  All of HTML components might be reused.

   This framework is friendly with REST.

  Development is based on MVC pattern.

  Localization End-to-End testing.

  DOM and model can be easily synchronized.

  Two-way data binding is allowed.

  Easily expanding HTML vocabulary and high-quality web-templates.

 Directives can be helpful when building custom widgets.

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Why Angular

So you have decided to create an outstanding web site or an application that will bring your business to the next level of success. This product will be built on AJAX calls, its page will never reload, and the interface will look like a finished desktop application rather than a traditional website. Average developer will try to do all the scope of work with a simple JavaScript language and dozens of jQuery plugins. But everyone will realize really quickly that written code will be hard to read, hard to maintain and impossible to manage.

Why Use AngularJS

Don’t let this situation happen In a real life! You need a solution that provides a rigid structure of the code and agreements for applications creation, as well as ready-made solutions for known issues. This tool is JavaScript MVC (MVC or analogs) frameworks. So let’s see why use AngularJS? And what are the significant AngularJS advantages?

There is a very high probability that you will need to use some of JavaScript frameworks in the upcoming months and/or years. Though, the area of its implementation is quite specific. It is the so-called one-page application (Single Page Applications, SPA). Typical examples are: Google Drive, Gmail, Evernote. But even when it is needed to write a one-page application, that does not always make sense to use a JavaScript framework: it all depends on how dynamic and complex user interface will be used for your business.

Nevertheless, the popularity of AngularJS features has never been greater, and everyone who is in IT business should know about its advantages and disadvantages. Surely, there are a number of alternative solutions, so to make the right choice it would be reasonable to contact the team of development professionals. They will understand, analyze and fulfill specific needs of every each business.

What Makes the Difference?

Many java script developers consider AngularJS to become a stunning combination of a low entry threshold and a rich set of functions. Experienced developer will not need a lot of time to understand main AngularJS features and to start writing some simple small applications. But much more time is needed to dive deep into this tool. Interesting fact is that great AngularJS professionals could not imagine even a single front end problem, which could not be solved with the help of this framework. In addition, it is successfully used for cross-platform mobile applications with rich functionality, small widgets within applications and even video editors.
AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks, whose development is supported by the guys from Google. In addition to the rich standard library, many custom extensions have been written for AngularJS and are supported by the large and continuously growing community.

So everyone who decided to enlarge their business by having a web or mobile application, should think over using this amazing framework. Its popularity grows with every passing day. Its community grows with every passing hour. Its features are developed every minute. AngularJS is an outstanding framework, which will allow your business to be on the very top of modern technologies.

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High-quality support and maintenance

Companies Using Angular

Thousands of front-end developers have already appreciated the powerful open source JavaScript framework AngularJS created by Google. It has completely changed the face of the web development world with its unique features. It is so popular nowadays that many big names have switched to it for the customer-facing parts of their applications. Here is a brief review of some companies using AngularJS.


People residing in over two hundred countries can make use of the PayPal Internet payment processing system to conduct financial transactions in more than 25 national currencies. The PayPal’s programmers chose the framework for the site’s Checkout feature.


Cinema fans from various parts of the world can use the Goodfilms social network site for exchanging impressions of the movies they have seen. Additionally, the site has an option of creating a list of movies, and scans the Internet for places where users can enjoy streams of their favorite films without breaking the law. Apart from using AngularJS for their website, Goodfilms picked it up for its mobile version.

This US media channel available via cable and satelite has had its website since the middle of the nineties. According to the statistical data published by the SimilarWeb resource, tops the rating of the world’s most-visited weather forecasting sites. Users will find lots of widgets here with the data for them obtained from AngularJS components stored within a dedicated folder.

The list of companies using AngularJS is certainly much longer than that. If you want your site to be successful, our company Web Peppers can offer you AngularJS solutions of the highest quality and at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

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