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Hire Android app developer to build scalable and interactive Android app with fast turnaround. You can choose full-time, part-time, hourly paid Android programmers at rates from $20/hr, or request us for a fixed price for your app. Send us a quote and get access to the top mobile experts.

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Our company Web Peppers develops applications using various cutting-edge technologies and tools. One of them is probably the most popular mobile operating system in the world – Android. The number of people who go into Android app programming each year is really impressive. Developers all over the planet have already created a huge number of Android applications. Tech companies are eager to hire people for programming Android apps. These people have to possess an extensive skill set to be successful in this field. Here is what they should know in the first place.

  1. Java is the principal tool of the trade in programming apps for Android. Although it was not the first object-oriented programming language, it inherited many useful traits of C and C++ and got rid of their weaknesses. Objects are everything for Java. Besides, Java can be safely used across different operating systems thanks to its virtual machine. Android makes use of these two fundamental Java features. Along with numerous Java libraries for working with graphics, data structures, etc., the Android SDK contains Android’s own libraries.
  2. Another essential skill for those programing apps for Android is to have good understanding of various APIs. Those can be a developer’s own API, or it can be an API from a third party. The most popular of those is perhaps JSON/REST.
  3. It is also important to understand and be able to use the basic commands of Git, such as committing files and cloning projects, especially if a developer starts working in a team.

In our app programming Android is one of the most widely used technologies. Web Peppers is famously known for the high quality of its solutions, mobile and web alike. Our talented and experienced programmers will be glad to deliver your mobile solution of any complexity.

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