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Hire Android app developer to build scalable and interactive Android app with fast turnaround. You can choose full-time, part-time, hourly paid Android programmers at rates from $20/hr, or request us for a fixed price for your app. Send us a quote and get access to the top mobile experts.

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With over 200000 applications written for Android, this mobile operating system remains the firm favorite among mobile app developers. And although they have a number of options how to make apps for Android-based devices, the majority of them use the Android SDK and Java for creating native programs. With that said, Java used for writing Android apps is not identical to the Java used for apps on other platforms. Java for Android has certain peculiarities that any developer of a java android app needs to know.
Even though it is very hard to believe that by comparing code from a standard Java program with that written for Android, the Java used for Android is not “pure”. What makes Android unique is the way it compiles and launches programs. When the application made up of Bytecode starts the installation process, this Bytecode transforms into machine code enhanced for being used on an Android-operated device, boosting the application performance as a result. This transformation into machine code before runtime has the name Ahead of Time Compilation.
Also, with Android java development there are libraries not only taken from the Java standard library set, but also those specific for Android only.
Some other peculiarities of the Android app Java:

  • Java annotations that are used only for Android
  • Frequent use of POJOs as data models

Our company Web Peppers develops Android applications that meet the strictest standards of quality in the industry. Whatever kind of mobile or web solution you want us to built, we are always ready to deliver it on time and at a moderate price. The seasoned developers at Web Peppers have created numerous mobile applications for the major mobile platforms.

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