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Hire Android app developer to build scalable and interactive Android app with fast turnaround. You can choose full-time, part-time, hourly paid Android programmers at rates from $20/hr, or request us for a fixed price for your app. Send us a quote and get access to the top mobile experts.

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The mobile technologies have made people living in various corners of our planet closer than ever. Nowadays, the use of mobile devices is not restricted to phone calls only, as it was the case some ten-fifteen years ago. They have a number of other functions and can be used for recording videos, playing music, watching TV, surfing the Web, etc. And new devices require new applications and new operating systems.
One such system is Android. So, what makes Android development so popular and what are the main features of Android applications?
The programming language used for Android development in general and Android game development in particular is Java. This object-oriented technology requires those developing for Android to be very careful with their data types and memory usage, as the resources on mobile devices are strictly limited.
The Android code is open source, so programmers can use it to develop their own programs and offer them for money. The stock of applications developed on Android contains over 200 thousand programs, and this number is growing by the day.
Some basic facts about an Android application:

  1. It includes the manifest file, where all the parts of the app are listed, along with the app requirements (hardware specifications, acceptable version of Android, etc.).
  2. An Android app comprises a single or several modules (services, activities, and so on).
  3. Different modules play their own role in how the whole application behaves, and it is possible to activate each of them separately.

Our company Web Peppers specializes in the development of top-notch Android applications. Our seasoned programmers developing on Android are always ready to implement your vision of a mobile app however complex it is. We can also offer you web development on Android and many other services.

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