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Our company Web Peppers specializes in WordPress design and development. We have already built numerous top-quality websites and web applications using WordPress for our valued clients and continue providing these services at affordable prices. We are especially known for customizing WordPress themes, one part of which is template files. Here is some information about what WordPress template design involves.

A WordPress site includes several template files that serve as building blocks grouped together to produce a monolith page. Certain templates are found on every single page of the site, such as a footer, while other template files are limited to certain functions.
The two files that a standard web page includes are a CSS stylesheet and an XHTML file. The former defines the way the page looks, while the latter contains the page’s content and determines its structure.
Those two files are provided right in WordPress. The content is not. It is generated by template files, which, coupled with the CSS file, make up a WordPress theme.
A basic WordPress page comprises three main sections:

  1. Header. This contains everything that the user sees in the upper portion of the page.
  2. Content. This contains everything seen in the middle of the page.
  3. Footer. This contains everything placed at the page’s bottom.

To create this structure, the template file called index.php and located in the theme’s folder is used. Two goals this file helps achieve are:

  • invoke other template files
  • send a signal to the Loop to extract data from the database

There are also more advanced template files, such as one that creates a search form. As we said above, our company specializes in WordPress design templates. If you are looking for a professional WordPress template designer who can implement any function you desire for your site, Web Peppers is at your service.

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