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Hire WordPress developer to realize all your web development requirements. We offer flexible hiring models that include full/part time or hourly shifts with rates starting at $20/hr or fixed price.

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Our company Web Peppers uses multiple technologies for developing top-quality web sites and web applications. In particular, we are experts in WordPress development. WordPress is the world’s best CMS that has changed the face of the Internet. WordPress allows site owners to upload and update content easily and quickly without going into complex technical details. WordPress has three basic components: WordPress core, themes, and plugins. Here is a brief description of what they are and what role they play in WordPress site development.

WordPress Core

When installing WordPress, users actually install a bunch of files. Those files are necessary for administering the CMS. The WordPress core files are responsible for the way the platform looks and works. Especially notable is one file with the name wp-config.php. From that file WordPress learns about where the site’s database is located.


A WordPress theme determines the content, appearance, and operation of the site. A theme comprises the following elements:

  • Stylesheet. That controls the presentation layer: colors, background, fonts, etc.
  • Template files. Those are php files that generate the site’s pages as HTML files.
  • Functions file. It is not required, and serves as a plugin to add more features atop the core WordPress functionalities.
  • The Loop. This extracts content from the database and pushes it to the site.


Plugins represent bundles of code that give more functionality to the core WordPress features. They may include one or several php files and contain more resources like images and JS files. Plugins can be simple or sophisticated, but even one php file is sufficient to make a plugin.

With WordPress development site that you order at our company Web Peppers will be unique and made by the industry-leading standards of quality.

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