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Node JS – Splash in the Waves of Web Development

In recent years, there were numerous changes in the world of IT and one of the most significant technology, which came to market and changed the entire development community, is Node JS. It was created in 2009 and since that time, its popularity has been growing with every passing year. At the very start it was used mainly by indie developers and hackers. But now it is used by almostevery IT company for the wide range of projects – from web to mobile applications. The advantages of Node programming are so huge, that are valued by businesses of any kind from small startups to such giants as:

  • Linkedin
  • Yahoo
  • WalMart

Long story short, Node JS is a server-side technology created for developing mobile and web applications. Let’s see why is it so different from other java script frameworks? The main feature that is so much appreciated by developers is that it does not need any external software to run a web server (for example Apache). This one simple change provides engineers with a huge amount of freedom and control over the functioning of the server. Also, it is so beautiful and convenient that both parts of an application can be written in the same Node JS programming language. So server-side and client-side can be controlled by the same engineer (or team of engineers).

For such professionals as Web Peppers, programming with Node JS becomes not only the tool to fulfil your business needs, it also brings up the beauty and effectiveness of the real engineering masterpiece.

So why you should choose Node based programming? There are many advantages in Node JS, but the most important is scalability. You never know how rapidly your business will grow. It is always better to understand that there will be no need to recreate your complete application from scratch in a few years. Node programming has numerous solutions on how to make your web or mobile application scalable, so that will be the right choice for your business.

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