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Hire drupal developer to join your team on remote work. We offer cost effective rates for full/part time or hourly basis starting at $20/hr or fixed price for your project. Tell us about your idea and we will come back to you with an innovative solution!

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Web Peppers is a leading Drupal Development company

with a strong workforce of 50 employees and 3+ years in operations.

The process of theme development can be rather painstaking if you do not know how to ease it. It requires developer’s deep knowledge of Drupal system as well as experience in performing such tasks. In this case Drupal support team can be a very useful helper as many of its representatives can advise use of Drupal Theme Developer or Devel Themer – two great modules used by experts. The first module has already gained recognition among supporters as it provides an insight into both content and functions in the theming layer of Drupal system. You may ask “how can it be useful?”. The answer is obvious: it is perfect for changing any part of the existing web page design as it quickly determines what files are necessary for performing this task. It is enough to install thee module and switch it on to see how it works. It is a perfect helper for the developers, whose task is to change the existing Drupal 7 website design.

A theme development can be a very useful thing only in the hands of an expert, so if you need to make some changes to your site or create layouts and themes, it is advisable to turn to the professional developing company entitled Web Peppers. Design and theme creation form a very essential part in the success of the website and customer’s satisfaction. Each our Drupal theme developer has a vast experience in designing a theme from the scratch as well as customizing the final product for it to be appealing to the target audience of the site.

One more way to make your site vibrant is to look through the default themes offered by Drupal. Such HTMP5 compliant themes like Zen, Omega or Adaptive Theme are highly configurable and flexible for changes so you can offer your personal ideas for changes and our professionals will adjust themes to your requirements. They have much experience in customizing these and other Drupal 7 themes making your website incredibly engaging and vibrant.

The team of Web Peppers developers are always at your service and guarantee each our customer premium theme developing services within the shortest period of time.

How We Work

The essential stages of your website development are:

  1. Negotiations and planning, scheduling and strategy elaboration
  2. Software development, coding and database improving
  3. Customized themes development, ensuring perfect and beautiful website look
  4. Website testing and verification, its usability and functionality
  5. Software installation, project launching
  6. Consulting and warranty maintenance
Why Choose Us

We are inventive and flexible; to fill your business needs, we can:

  • develop customized Drupal themes to change your existing websites partially;
  • apply free business-oriented themes, making your site design beautiful and glanceable;
  • make the wanted IT changes on the sites, installing innovative custom-built modules and performing any complicated Drupal development tasks

Thus, we perform required programming works promptly and at affordable cost.

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